About us
Architects on Corporate Systems ®
Servicio y Soporte en Tecnología Informática S.A. de C.V.

Pegaso Tecnología, architectural firm: we are a team of business and IT professionals focused on improving our clients’ results by taking optimum advantage of technology.

We develop solutions that promote productive improvements in organizations and we assist in integration activities, including new functions and the optimization of processes. Our strength lies in the top level of our development team, where we have experienced business, applications and infrastructures architects. Our products and dedicated solutions are based on CMMI ® best practices for development and integration, and we also operate administered services under the ITIL ® framework. Our clients appreciate the experience we have capitalized on other organizations, where we have developed and manage hundreds of mission-critical, high-performance solutions, with availability assurances. At Pegaso Tecnología we are only interested in providing world-class solutions that give our clients a competitive edge and tangible benefits for their clients and users in turn.

To empower our clients to exceed their objectives and create value for their business, by leveraging our experience and through the optimum use of information technologies, while also creating value for our own organization and fostering the growth and development of our people.

To be perceived as the most prestigious organization in Latin America in the field of information technologies, developing leading business solutions that provide the best possible investment-benefit ratio for our clients and distinguish us as the leading organization in value creation for local and international clients.

At Pegaso Tecnología, we consider a service attitude toward our clients to be fundamental, as well as the empathy and flexibility to understand their needs, a commitment to and responsibility for our deliverables, the trust that we must earn every day, and the integrity, honesty, leadership, determination and optimism of our working team.

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+ 52 (55) 5980·8608