Digital Tax Solutions
The Electronic Services Platform for the Business Community.
Our suite of Digital Tax Solutions is designed under the highest quality standards and is permanently updated in accordance with both, latest tax provisions and improvements required by our clients. It is a modular suite that can be used as a Tax ERP or also to attend specific requirements.

Due to the high-performance infrastructure provided thanks to our synergy with Microsoft®, our suite is distributed as service (SaaS). It is designed to cover every management process which may have impact in your business and create efficiency through our connection with main Accounting Systems / ERP.

1. Tax Vault
In case you have several information sources (Authorized Certification Providers, Databases, Systems) and/or you are not certain you have all the XML files issued and received for the last five years at least, our Tax Vault is connected to databases of Mexican Tax Authority to download CDFI files in order to reconcile them with the invoices previously stored by the taxpayer. This tool helps also to validate that CFDI files already saved, meet tax requirements as well as to make dynamic queries of revenues, expenditures and payroll CFDI.

2. CFDI Issuance
This tool is designed to guarantee the correct issuance, digital stamping and delivery of CFDI in accordance with current tax provisions. It is capable to issue high volumes of information to ensure the correct generation of XML and PDF files, to automate the filling out of the commercial “addendums” and even to make easier the delivery of digital invoices through different methods (auto-invoicing websites, customized mail boxes, delivery Broker, e-mail, etc.) and mainly to integrate natively with Accounting Systems. With all these benefits you will be accomplishing one of the Electronic Accounting requirements (supporting income with invoicing information).

3. CFDI Reception
The main purpose of this solution is to guarantee both, deduction and accrediting of the CFDI regarding operations with suppliers. This solution validates Annex 20 and quality of e-Invoices received. You can generate dynamic reports as well as to guarantee the coexistence several e-Invoice versions to make easier the response to Audits by the Tax Authority.

4. CFDI for Payroll
Through this solution you can guarantee the generation and delivery of CFDI to each employee, your payroll information is protected thanks to an advanced process of encryption-decoding of CFDI receipts. Both employees and payroll responsible will have query methods to take advantage of the information generated on the solution.

5. Expenditure Management
By configuring the business rules previously established by the customer, this solution makes it possible to automate the process of expenditure verification to assure the correct deductibility as well as the effective support of the CFDI of expenditures. Thanks to the interaction with the ERP you can also automate travel expenses, petty cash management and the generation of pre-journal entries to make easier the CFDI data link with accounting records.

6. Tax Procedures (e-Accounting)
This solution generates and seals Digital Documents according to Annex 21 of the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution (Authorized Provider to Receive Digital Documents - PCRDD). With this tool you can have the accounting information from reports issued by the ERP modules, to generate the files for the Chart of Accounts, Trail Balance, Journal Entries as well as Account and e-Invoice Auxiliaries. Regarding Journal Entries, in case your ERP doesn’t have CFDI references, this solution includes a module of Journal Entry Integration which helps making the link between accounting records, banking information and CFDI. This solution is supported by the Tax Vault if required.

7. Smart Digital Taxation
It is our Business Intelligence platform, which, together with the Microsoft Technology allows you to analyze tendencies and information as well as create a control board to understand the business performance in terms of selling, invoicing, marketing strategies, payroll, purchasing, etc.


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