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Successful Cases
Arquitectos en Sistemas Empresariales ®

Pegaso Tecnología was chosen by the AMITI (Mexican Association of the Information Technology Industry), the SFP (Ministry of Public Oversight) and the CANIETI (National Chamber of the Electronics and Information Technology Industry) to give a series of seminars and workshops on IT best practice, with the presence of more than 60 organizations from the Federal Government, many of them represented by the CIOs. These sessions were held in Mexico City and the town of Cuernavaca, Morelos.


Bansefi (Nation al Savings and Financial Services Bank) selected Pegaso Tecnología to carry out an assessment of its architecture and improvement opportunities in the subsequent migration of core banking systems.

Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes

Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes (CMR runs Wings, Chilis, Los Almendros and many more) chose the Pegaso Tecnología solution as its best alternative for issuing tax receipts, allowing it to issue more than 1 million receipts per year.

Pegaso Banda Ancha

Pegaso Tecnología developed a solution of a satellite service company, which allows it to supply, follow up on and invoice its thousands of service points. This solution will soon be implemented in other Latin American countries and in the Middle East.

Telefónica Móviles

Telefónica Móviles, the most dynamic company in the Mexican telecommunications sector, hired Pegaso Tecnología to implement a solution for tax receipts, to the benefit of millions of clients.

The most important price club and commercial chain.

The most important price club and commercial chain, which is among the top 5 most important companies in Mexico according to the magazine CNN Expansión, chose Pegaso Tecnología to integrate an electronic invoicing system (digital tax receipt) in more than a dozen invoicing systems that it uses to produce more than 20 million invoices per year. Wal-Mart also hired our company to implement IT best practices, AFITS® Advanced Framework for IT Services® in its organization, which gave it a prominent position among the many subsidiaries of this huge global organization. Currently we are carrying out reengineering for an Invoicing and Service Kiosk solution.

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