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Application Migration
Extracting the most potential from hardware.

The evolution of infrastructure components makes it necessary to keep technology updated.

The Pegaso Tecnología team has considerable experience at the operating level in these activities. The goal of a migration should not just be to guarantee the continuity of operations, but also to optimize applications in order to take advantage of the performance of new items of equipment. This is what makes Pegaso stand out from the rest: the multiplication of the benefits of IT migrations with the appropriate fine-tuning of applications and the extraction of major hardware potential.

Pegaso Tecnología offers its clients the following migration services:

Application Migration

Execution of applications in a new environment using strategies such as:

  • Qualifying
  • Porting
Updates for compiler, libraries and development tools
Migration of applications to new environments:
  • Migration of applications to new environments:
  • Change of programming languages
  • Change of application architecture

Data Migration Migration/Updating of Database Motor
Migration of Database Objects
Migration of Data

Technological Migration Change of:
  • Hardware
  • Software Base

Because no two clients are alike, migrations services are provided on the basis of a tailor-made methodology for each one.

The main deliverables of the methodology include:

  • Report of Technical Viability

  • Report of Risks Detected

  • Estimate of Work Involved in Migration

  • Testing Plan

  • Migration Strategy Plan

  • General Recommendations for Improvement Opportunities

  • Technical Account

These services are complemented with disciplines such as:
  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance

This guarantees client satisfaction, and we will work with you from the conception phase of the migration project to a monitoring and stabilization phase within the operating environment, because we know that the goal is not to perform a migration, but to guarantee that your business continues to operate optimally.


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