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"Notice of Personal Information Privacy"

Servicio y Soporte en Tecnología Informática S.A. de C.V. ("SSTI"), domiciled in Paseo de los Tamarindos 400-A Piso 3, Bosques de las Lomas, México, Distrito Federal, keeps due respect for personal data and all the information of our clients recognizing the importance of their privacy,, therefore:

In compliance with the Federal Law of Protection for Personal Information in Possession of Individuals (the "Law") published in the Oficial Gazette on July 5th, 2010, "SSTI", in order to guarantee the privacy and the right to the informative self-determination of our clients, we provide you with this Notice of Privacy, with regard to all the information that has been, or will be received or collected as a result of services provided to you as our client.

The purpose of processing your personal data that has been or will be received and/or collected is: (i) to be used and processed by "SSTI" and/or affiliates and/or subsidiaries (ii) to incorporate them to corresponding legal instruments to formalize the service provided, (iii) to use it in accordance with all the fiscal applicable dispositions, (iv) to comply with the Treasury Department and Mexican Federal Tax Administration legislation with regard to any request of these or any other authorities about electronic invoicing services provided by "SSTI" as a PAC (v) to notify by e-mail to our clients and all data holders (vi) to send diverse information to our clients with regards to services provided (vii) any other actions of similar nature resulting from the juridical relation between "SSTI" and our clients.

For the purposes hereof, "SSTI" could obtain the personal information through different ways for example: directly from you in the moment you fill out the request form, also through the check list that we send you, when we get the information through any other ways or sources permitted for the law.

We promise to manage your personal information according to the security rules in order to guarantee the confidentiality. To limit the use or publication of personal information contained in electronic means as well as in physical documents, "SSTI", has the technical, material and human resources to assure that the personal information of our clients will be used according to the law and will be protected by using software and files with limited access, applying safety measurements, and allowing only specialized personnel who based on their specific functions, are authorized for certain actions. Furthermore, "SSTI" signs confidentiality agreements with all their personnel, in order to support the necessary and appropriate security for personal information.

You will have the right of data accessibility privileges such as rectification and cancellation or opposition (in Spanish ARCO), for your personal data at all times, all you have to do is to send us your request with all requirements as established in article 29 of the "Law" by e-mail to this mail address: mesadeservicio@pegasotecnologia.com, with the reference or issue: Personal Information.

We want to inform you that "SSTI" can make the remission of personal information, but does not spread, shares or makes any data transference to local or foreign third parties, only to the competent Authorities that for disposition of legal applicable norms command us to task the above actions mentioned in accordance exceptions described in the article 37 of Law..

In case "SSTI" needs to modify the content of the present Notice of Privacy, we will proceed accordingly, to announce the applicable changes via electronic messages (e-mail) or through our official website at www.pegasotecnologia.com indicating the last version.

In connection with the last paragraph "SSTI" will reserve the right to change, modify, add, or eliminate parts of this notice of privacy in any moment.

It is presumed that you tacitly agree in the processing of your information when you do not show opposition to it, so this document could be modified or adjusted at all times. Last Update: July, 2012

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Individuals and corporations that choose to issue digital invoices must have an Advanced Electronic Signature certificate and must have their accounting records on an electronic bookkeeping system that complies with the following legal provisions:

Appendix 20 of the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution for 2006

A. Technical characteristics of the file containing monthly report on digital invoices issued

B. Technical standards and specifications that must be satisfied by computer applications for creating asymmetrical encoded passwords for use with Advanced Electronic Signature

C. Standard for issuable digital invoice

D. Generation of digital seals for digital invoices

E. Use of "Addenda" enveloping facility

F. Use of "ComplementConcept" and "Complement" node facility
Webpage of Mexican Inland Revenue Service


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