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Solution Development
Offering advanced integral solutions based on software architecture definitions and technological innovation.

One of the main services we offer is the design and development of IT solutions aimed at providing advanced integral solutions based on software architecture definitions and technological innovation, to contribute to realizing your business’s potential.

We offer a software development process based on international best practice for the software industry (CMMI), which translates as a guarantee to deliver solutions of the highest quality on time and on budget.

The development of tailor-made services runs from business modeling to the roll-out of the solution using an iterative development methodology that guarantees compliance with the predefined functional characteristics and the system specifications themselves, such as: security, availability, performance, maintainability, upgradability, etc.

Our software development methodology covers a range of disciplines with an iterative technique, insuring quality in the developed product, the timely detection of associated risks and the steps required to mitigate them.

    Business Modeling

    • This series of activities is intended to gain an understanding of business needs.
    • Documents contained general and high-level requirements, business rules, glossaries, etc., help to define what the software product should do.

    • The benefit for our clients consists of detecting workflows or activities within the processes analyzed that may be optimized and translated into a better definition of the software to be designed.

    Requirement Managements

    • Translates the business model needs into system requirements that are automatable and are more technical in nature (UML usage cases are employed) in order for the development team to gain a deeper understanding of the business model and to establish a functional scope agreement with our clients that allows us to manage the project efficiently in terms of functional scope and development time.

    Analysis and Design

    • These activities determine the most appropriate system architecture based on requirements and the design details that must be defined prior to beginning implementation activities.

    • From the project kickoff, we work together with the client’s advanced users who provide the solution requirements and, above all, validate the functional focus of the proposed solution. By using prototypes, we have been successful in greatly reducing any possible gap between the content of the analysis documentation, the client’s expectations and what is actually delivered.

    • Our group of technology architects guarantees non-functional aspects, such as security, performance and software availability, by using architectural design patterns and software construction best practices.


    • These are the activities relating to codifying the software according to design, to comply with the functional requirements and technical aspects of the system.

    • These codification activities are conducted in strict compliance with the architectural design and with codification standards that guarantee the quality and maintainability of the software created for the client.


    • Our software testing allows us to check all of the components created (documents, designs and code) to make sure they comply with the requirements and quality standards defined for the project.

    • During this testing phase all software components and checked individually and jointly and, together with the client’s advanced users, the software developed is validated in order to insure that it will comply with the scope, functionality and quality our client expects and with the technical aspects required by the supporting IT areas.


      • These are the activities carried out to install the software in the environment which it will ultimately be used in, with the appropriate installation, configuration and operation procedures that will guarantee an excellent service level in the day-to-day use of the software.

      Configuration Management

      • Change management and for all the elements involved in the construction process.

      Project Management

      • Activities intended to manage the development of plans, resources, follow-up, control and risk management to provide the client with guarantees that the software development project will comply with deadlines, scope and budget.


      • Activities intended to provide hardware and software resources to facilitate the rollout and maintenance of different development and testing environments or the rollout of the actual system.


  • We have qualified staff with considerable experience in developing solutions on different technological platforms and in different programming languages, allowing us to adapt to the technological framework of your organization or to advise you on how to establish one.

  • Our main strength is in mission-critical business solutions. We establish a target service level with our client and determine the technology that will most benefit your company.

  • We have experience in developing frameworks for business solutions using tools such as .Net and J2EE, based on applications architectures distributed in layers.


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