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Electronic Invoicing
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Digital Fiscal Solutions

Digital Fiscal Solutions are a series of integrated tools aimed at achieving a precise application of the different laws that currently allow and govern the use of technology for fiscal or commercial compliance, as well as the capacity to optimize costs, contribute to increasing the productivity of companies and improve customer service, making it possible to eliminate the different paradigms that currently exist regarding the use of paper as the sole supporting evidence for taxation purposes of a given commercial transaction.

Digital Invoices

  • In order for more and more business clients to adopt the new invoicing scheme referred to as “Digital Invoicing,” Pegaso Tecnología has developed a business solution that makes it possible to generate, receive, store and manage Digital Invoices using a tool that is easily adapted and integrated into existing business processes, and is compatible with the highly complex technological environments that exist in companies.

  • As issuing Digital Invoices implies an accurate application of the rules set forth by the Mexican Inland Revenue Service (SAT), and adherence to commercial standards established by the Mexican Association for Electronic Commerce Standards (AMECE). This Business Fiscal Solution was designed using international standards and methodologies for software development in order to insure the quality of the solution and total compliance with the legislation in force regarding Digital Invoices.

Issuing Digital Invoices

  • The issuing module for DIs is designed according to the current guidelines established by the SAT in Appendix 20 of the Federal Fiscal Code and in the different amendments issued in Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolutions. In addition, the tool was designed using technological elements that make it easy to integrate into the company’s business processes and which provide considerable added value when the time comes to determine an adoption strategy for the Digital Invoicing scheme.

  • Today most institutions have automated, semi-automated and/or manual processes for issuing invoices, and our system can work in any of these scenarios. This makes it possible to adapt 100% of the invoicing processes of your business to Digital Invoices. Our system is also capable of adding new functions speedily, according to the specific fiscal or commercial needs of your business. The system adapts to your processes, and not vice versa.

  • Similarly, the issue volume of invoices is a factor that must be taken into consideration when the new scheme is adopted. This module was designed to generate approximately 56,000 invoices per hour with the standard setting, which will make your Digital Invoicing issuing processes speedier and more efficient.

  • This module has a range of characteristics to solve the needs that arise when the Digital Invoicing scheme is implemented. This provides support for the different areas involved in the implementation and adaptation of the new scheme.

Business Fiscal Technological
  • Multi-company support
  • Branch data management
  • Client invoicing data management
  • Client commercial form management (ADDENDA)
  • Consultation and resending of DIs
  • Print form management
  • Mass DI printing
  • User account and profile management
  • Management of certificates with digital seals
  • Series and consecutive management
  • SAT reports (all schemes)
  • E-mail alerts to avoid running out of documents
  • E-mail alerts to avoid digital seal certificates from elapsing
  • Distributed web application
  • High transaction performance
  • Standard interfaces with existing systems
  • Support for charge and cluster balancing
  • Support for different security zones and firewalls
  • Encoded channel handling
  • Web console for system settings
  • Transaction monitor
  • Operation malfunction alerts
  • Audit logs

Reception of Digital Invoices

  • The reception module is based on the regulations relating to the issuing of Digital Invoices, as every invoice received must be checked and validated with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency in order to insure that the electronic record is compiled correctly.

  • The main function of this module is to integrate easily into existing invoice reception processes at the company and provide a simple, high-capacity solution for suppliers, in order for them to adapt quickly to the Digital Invoicing scheme.

  • Just like the DI issuing module, the reception module has business, fiscal and technological elements that make it easily adaptable to the existing processes in the company and provide improved, easier integration with suppliers that adopt the scheme.

Business Fiscal Technological
  • Multi-company support
  • Supplier data management
  • Management of DIs received
  • Internal commercial form management (ADDENDA)
  • Business flow management for reception of DIs
  • Statistical reception reports
  • Consultation of information on print forms
  • Functional standardized notifications:
    • Notification of receipt (CONTRL)
    • Notification of errors (APERAK)
  • Standardized validation models:
    • Direct Validation
    • Multiple Validation
    • Sequential Validation
  • Management of suppliers’ certificates
  • Validation of XML structure according to Appendix 20
  • Validation of digital seal

    • Signed with a digital seal certificate that is valid and was issued by the SAT

  • No document duplication
  • Distributed web application
  • High transaction performance
  • Standard interfaces with existing systems
  • Support for charge and cluster balancing
  • Support for different security zones and firewalls
  • Encoded channel handling
  • Web console for system settings
  • User account and profile management
  • Transaction monitor
  • Operation malfunction alerts
  • Audit logs

  • This tool was designed and constructed to allow the reception of up to 110,000 Digital Invoices per hour, providing your suppliers with an excellent service and your business with a greater degree of efficiency and speed in the reception, validation and release of these invoices.

Mobile Electronic Invoicing

  • Pegaso Tecnología has developed a mobile module for issuing Digital Invoices, intended specifically for all those companies that, due to the nature of their business, require mobile points of sale distributed throughout the country and which want to adopt the Digital Invoicing scheme.

  • This module will allow companies working under this scheme to issue Digital Invoices directly at the point of sale in real time, with no need for a permanent connection between the mobile devices and the central systems.

  • The module has a graphic interface that allows clients’ invoicing data to be input on the device, along with sales data and the necessary commercial information that must appear on the Digital Invoice.

  • If a graphic interface is not required, the module is capable of interconnecting with other mobile applications used by some companies. This is possible thanks to the fact that the module is provided with the standard communication interfaces that are used by the most common mobile devices.

  • Once the Digital Invoice is issued on the mobile device, the module has intelligent synchronization services that allow the device to send the information regarding the Digital Invoices issued to the central system as soon as the service identifies an available connection.

  • The Mobile Electronic Invoicing module is designed according to best practice for mobile devices, insuring data security and the integrity of the module itself.

Pegaso Digital – Authorized DI Supplier

  • The Pegaso Digital service was created for those companies that need to implement this new invoicing scheme quickly and without having to install IT infrastructure and/or contract the necessary staff to operate it.

  • Currently Pegaso Tecnología is authorized by the Mexican Inland Revenue Service (SAT) to provide a Digital Invoice Management Service, which allows you to generate, store and manage the digital invoices that your business needs on Pegaso Tecnología infrastructure, where you can access them at any time.

Management Operation Other Services (Use of Management Service)
  • Series and consecutive management
  • Branches
  • Products and services
  • Clients and addenda
  • SAT reports
  • Document use reports
  • Transaction monitor
  • Graphic interface for individual inputting and generation of DIs
  • File loading for mass generation of DIs
  • Cancelations
  • Reissuing of invoices
  • Consultation and resending of DIs
  • Downloading DIs in XML
  • Print version visor for DIs
  • Online account statements
  • Payment consultation
  • Reprinting service invoices


  • These are information modules located on the premises of your business to provide a channel for your clients to carry out electronic invoices services.
  • The self-service booths are designed to offer a wide range of customer care services. The client may choose the services he or she is interested in directly at the booth, and will interact with the booth to obtain the services required. The self-service booths are intended to make it easier to obtain services, to provide a communication channel for a larger number of clients, to reduce waiting times and to optimize customer care processes.

  • The self-service booths act like a team of virtual employees that receive requests for the preparation of invoices.

  • Our solution is designed so that the self-serve booths are multi-purpose and new services can be added to them.

  • Each of the booths is designed with specific characteristics to allow efficient, controlled and easily managed operations.

Document Digitalization

  • Our document digitalization solution is provided using simple, efficient, economical processes combined with the necessary technological resources to digitalize, store, manage and retrieve large volumes of documents as digital images. This allows original documents to be stored and guarantees their protection, as well as constituting a centralized information bank.

  • Some of the benefits that this provides you company are: efficiency in document and file consultation, simultaneous consultations of digital documents by a large number of users and increases in staff productivity. Digital images may also be incorporated into any other electronic document, system or application and include revision and validation work flows, etc.

Standard 151

  • Pegaso Tecnología provides an electronic message conservation service in accordance with the provisions of Official Mexican Standard 151, which sets forth the requirements that must be observed for preserving the content of data messages (electronic documents such as contracts, agreements, invoices, etc.) that create rights and obligations between businesses and all those persons with whom they establish such contracts, agreements or commitments.

  • The use of Standard 151, besides complying with a commercial obligation, makes it possible to use electronic or digitalized documents as legal evidence, thereby making legal proceedings speedier.

    Currently Digital Fiscal Solutions has detailed information available regarding each of its modules, which may be useful for implementation in your business. If you require more information about these characteristics, please do not hesitate to contact us for a presentation on our solutions.

CFDI Free Service

Individuals and corporations that choose to issue digital invoices must have an Advanced Electronic Signature certificate and must have their accounting records on an electronic bookkeeping system that complies with the following legal provisions:

Appendix 20 of the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution for 2006

A. Technical characteristics of the file containing monthly report on digital invoices issued

B. Technical standards and specifications that must be satisfied by computer applications for creating asymmetrical encoded passwords for use with Advanced Electronic Signature

C. Standard for issuable digital invoice

D. Generation of digital seals for digital invoices

E. Use of "Addenda" enveloping facility

F. Use of "ComplementConcept" and "Complement" node facility
Webpage of Mexican Inland Revenue Service


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