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Public Services
A solution developed by Pegaso Tecnología using best practice for internet websites.

The Public Service Portal is a solution developed by Pegaso Tecnología using best practice for internet websites.

At present, municipal councils and federal agencies provide public services that vary greatly in three main aspects: Coverage, Quality (service levels) and Exploitation of Technological Resources.

  • Today, public and private organizations alike focus on customer service. Although the importance of this has been recognized, greater efforts are required to identify opportunities for improvement in a more systematic way.

  • It is in our interest to promote operational and technological improvements that provide agencies with benefits in the following areas:

Social As perceived by the public.
Economic Doing more with less.

Increased public loyalty as a result of the agency’s improved performance.

The Public Service Portal may be personalized on different levels. Below is a brief description of each level of the portal:

Nivel 1. Presence

Presentation of the agency’s basic information, with sections such as:

  • Home:

    Includes most recent sections of portal, sections most visited by the public, welcome message from agency head, surveys, advertising banners with agency’s action plans.

  • Municipality/State/Agency:

    Mission, vision, organizational chart, applications and services (focused on public users and in compliance with the reference framework published by the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement)

Level 2. Reinforcing Presence

Users may obtain documents; contains a site map.

  • Documents:

    Forms, pamphlets, commitment statements from agency to public.

  • Online forums:

    Solution to provide advice to public regarding given topics.

  • Online services:

    Allows public to submit applications online.

Level 3. Interactive Presence

Online service allowing consultation. Offers:

  • Online messaging:

    Advisor may provide orientation to members of the public regarding a specific service or procedure.

  • Online consultations:

    Consultation of status of a service application or procedure.

  • Public requests:

    Useful for keeping a record of complaints, reports, suggestions and congratulations that the public wishes to submit to the agency.

  • Electronic appointments:

    Offers members of the public the opportunity to program an appointment electronically, to submit or consult the status of a service application or procedure.

Level 4. Transactions

Allows online transactions to be made, such as payment of taxes and fines. Includes:

  • Online payments.

    Allows members of the public to pay taxes through the portal from the comfort of their own home and with no need to visit the agency’s offices.

  • Online applications.

    Submit and follow up on application via the portal, allowing interaction between the public and agency employees.

Level 5. Network Presence

Offers information, tools and services. Includes:

  • Public requests:

    Allows agency employees to give feedback on public requests, catalog management.

  • CRM:

    Part of a client-centered business strategy. The agency must work to determine its clients’ needs and to improve the quality of the services provided.

  • Indicator management:
    Indicators help top civil servants to see how popular a given service or procedure is, in order for this to be taken into account in decision making and area assessment.

The Public Service Portal allows you to focus on different sectors of the population, such as business people, students, homemakers and so on.


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